1998 ABC National Specialty
Special thanks to Peggy Eichenlaub for the loan of her digital camera,
to Susanna Anderson for the photography
and to Mike & Cindy Andrews for sending them to us.

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May 30, 1998
Veteran Classes, Stud Dog, Brood Bitch and Brace


May 28, 1998
The Beginning

May 29, 1998
Veteran Sweeps
Puppy Sweeps

May 30, 1998
Regular Classes

May 31, 1998
Best of Breed

Veteran Dogs: Ch Be-Coz Ice N 'Ice Starry Night, Margaret Hicks
     2nd place: Ch Frankly Chipper Of Kamilot, Lil Fithian
     3rd place: Ch Roamingwood Angus B Be-Coz, Diz Cozart
     4th place: Ch Lap's Gede Rogue, Dorothy & Randy Karner, Anne Legge
     5th place: Ch Witches Onyx, Joe & Betsy Copeland, B McMindes, S & G Sherman

Veteran Bitches: Ch Masterpiece Maybe I'm Amazed CDX TD, Julie Hill
     2nd place: Ch Legacy-Branded Notorious, Janet & David De Jong
     3rd place: Ch Kep N Tab's On Tia Maria, Doug & Jennifer Meador
     4th place: Ch Boog's American Beauty Rose CD, Judy McDonald

Stud Dog: Ch Heather's Nimrod Stew Unplugged, Heather & Peter Whitcomb

Brood Bitch: Ch Rainbo's True Color Of Nimrod, Heather & Peter Whitcomb
     2nd place: Ch Woeful Celebrate Savannah, Lynn Bailey

Brace: Ch Button Bay Hern's Blessing and Ch Bigwigs Blessed Be CD, Joe & Betsy Copeland
     2nd place: Ch Trailing-Pines Medicine Man and Ch Ridgerunner Shadrack, Amy Lu Weaver
     3rd place: Chips Son Of A Gun and Chips Ode To Frank, Lil Fithian