1998 ABC National Specialty
Special thanks to Peggy Eichenlaub for the loan of her digital camera,
to Susanna Anderson for the photography
and to Mike & Cindy Andrews for sending them to us.

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May 30, 1998
Regular Classes


May 28, 1998
The Beginning

May 29, 1998
Veteran Sweeps
Puppy Sweeps

May 30, 1998
Veteran Classes, Stud Dog, Brood Bitch and Brace

May 31, 1998
Best of Breed

Regular Classes Results:

6-9 mo puppy dog: The Ritz Genuine Buckwhacker, Ron & Jane Black
9-12 mo puppy dog: Mason's The Terminator, David & Gaylene Begby
     2nd place: Double B's Bounty Of Slo-Poke, Beverlyn Bauerband & Bab & Kacey & Lee Rodriguez
12-18 mo puppy dogs: Legacy's Holy Bull (Angus), Lisa McMeans
     2nd place: Soonipi Ticket To Ride Becoz, Lisa Slinsky
     3rd place: Soonipi Mack The Knife Be-Coz, Rita Payne, Martk Holthus
     4th place: Ridgerunner Uriah, Mary Wilson & Elaine Woodson
Novice class: Abraham Lincoln II, James H Cunningham, Jr.& Lyle Detmer
Bred By Exhibitor-Dogs: Atbay Hangover Thunder Rolls, Jerrilyn Pett, Gary Burgess
     2nd place: Hangover's Sun Of A Bishop, Wayne Carlton, Katie Lou Carlton & Teri Lukefahr
     3rd place: Acadian's Revenue Cutter, Carla Blanchard
Open Dogs: Chip's Ode To Frank, Lillian Fithian
     2nd place: Windsor's MH Autumn Fires, Carolyn Whetstone
     3rd place: Ugibert Du Noble Limier, Steve & Teri Lukefahr
     4th place: Shiloh's Trooper, Donna Crews
Winners Dog (5 pt major): Legacy's Holy Bull, Lisa McMeans, Bruce McMeans & Anne Legge
Reserve Winners: Atbay Hangover Thunder Rolls, Jerrilyn Petty, Gary Burgess

6-9 mo class bitches: Be-Coz Jo-Li Miss Scarlett, Diz & Beckie Cozart
9-12 mo bitches: Rmz Crk Castello Di Vigoleno, Paul Fornili
     2nd place: Legacy's Mae West, Anne Legge
12-18 mo bitches: Legacy's Chase The Dream, Anne Legge, Ann Pavlinovic, Susan Markley
     2nd place: Trailing Pines Nita-Nee, Amy Lu Weaver
     3rd place: Woeful Vannah's Maggie McGee, Carrie & Richard Rehberg
     4th place: Soonipi Ashwd Maddimay BCoz, George & Jeannine Dennis
Bred By Exhibitors-Bitches: Hayseed-Legacy's Marion, Janet & David De Jong, Anne Legge
     2nd place: Crescent V's Fionnuala Moon, Wayne & Katie Lou Carlton, Teri Lukefahr
     3rd place: Ridgerunner Talent, Bill & Elaine Woodson
     4th place: Woeful Savannah's Erin McGee, Lynn Bailey
American Bred Bitch: Crescent V Jilly Moonbeam, Jay & Sarah Green
Open Bitches: Sapphires Little Deuce Coupe, Heather & Peter Whitcomb
     2nd place: Mason's Frankly Scarlett, Kathy Reid
     3rd place: Ridgerunner Texas Two Step, David & Erin Schibler
     4th place: Badger Creek's Four Winds, Steve & Teri Lukefahr
Winners Bitch (5 pt major): Sapphire's Little Deuce Coupe, Heather & Peter Whitcomb
Reserve Winners Bitch: Hayseed-Legacy's Marion, Janet & David De Jong, Anne Legge