The American Bloodhound Club
Meritorious Service Award for a Bloodhound Nomination
The American Bloodhound Club may present one "Meritorious Service Award for a Bloodhound" per year. The Bloodhound and owner chosen for this award will receive a commemorative prize. Criteria for this award shall be the performance of extraordinary service to the community by a purebred Bloodhound as documented by either American Kennel Club, Canadian Kennel Club, or other foreign registry. This service must be in the areas of volunteer search and rescue, law enforcement work, therapy work, or any other form of service achievement. Show or performance event records, including ABC mantrailing titles, are not acceptable qualifications for this award. The owner of the Bloodhound need not be an ABC member; rather, the dog and owner must have performed exemplary service to the community. Both living and deceased Bloodhounds are eligible for nomination.

To enter a nomination for review by the Meritorious Service Award Review Committee, please complete this information as thoroughly as possible. Submit the information to Claudia Williams, Committee Chair, 3116 McBryde St., Linden NC 28356. If you have questions regarding the award or this form, please contact one of the following committee members: Lisa Ivey, Cindy Andrews, Suzi Paine, Mary Lou Olszewski, Judy Robb, or Fritz Schmidt. An electronic version of the form is available on the ABC web site here. The nomination period is from November 1 through April 30, 2010 so get your nomination in soon. Thank you for your participation!

Registered Name of dog being nominated: Call Name:

Country of registry:

Dog's date of birth (and death, if applicable):

Name and Address of Owner:

Name and Address of Nominator (if Nominator is not the owner):

Brief Biography of Dog and Service Accomplishments:

Narrative of why you have chosen this dog (use additional pages if necessary):

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