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Champions for Health Award Nomination

The Champion for Health Award is sponsored by the Orthopedic Foundation (OFA) for Animals. Health contributions remain the number one criteria in the selection process for this award. Nominees should have as a minimum the required CHIC health tests for bloodhounds. These are hips (OFA), elbows (OFA), and cardiac (OFA). The nominee should also have significant accomplishments- as a show dog, a top producer, a working dog, or in service to the community, etc.

Nominations are submitted to the ABC Health Committee. The recipient is selected by OFA, based on recommendations from the Health Committee. The award will consist of an engraved silver medallion, and a $100 donation to the AKC Canine Health Foundation in the name of the honored dog. The award will be presented at the club's annual awards banquet (National Specialty).

No dog owned or bred by any member of the Health Committee may be nominated for this award until the year 2012.

Please submit this form to Claudia Williams, ABC Health Committee [email protected] All nominations must be received by July 30, 2010.

The members of the ABC Health Committee are:
Beckie Cozart, Eva Dunkel, Susan Hamil, Lisa Ivey, Anne Schettig, Elaine Woodson, and Claudia Williams (chairman).

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